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Welcome to my Blog.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Trip

We took a trip to Northern Virginia over Easter. It is always so enjoyable to visit "the KIDS" and this time our little family was complete.
We left Florida with 89ºF and arrived in VA to start shivering with the 63ºF that surprised us. It took several days to get used to these cold temps, brrrrr!

Carina spent time with her friends and so did I. It is always so good to give and receive hugs from people that are no longer just around the corner. When it takes 13 hours continued driving to reach your destination, the visits have to wait a long time.

We visited "Old Town" Alexandria. It is always nice to see the river and the old buildings, quaint shops and wonderful restaurants.

At the Reston Towncenter you find a completely different atmosphere. Here you find modern buildings, which make you feel like you are suddenly in a city, where business people rush around during the lunch hour. The quaintness of the Old Town is not present here but in exchange there are first class restaurants which not only offer beautiful dining areas but to my real surprise I was able to so enjoy the staff being trained as they used to be, a long time ago. They not only knew what was on the menu, but they could explain how the dishes were prepared and name the ingredients.
I have gotten used to the greeting "Hi my name is*** and I'm your waitress (er). No problem with that, but encountering first class service was just such a treat.

After we left VA it turned warm there and now here in sunny FL we have a cold wind blowing and it stays in the very low 70ºF.

That's o.k. I'm a lucky person, I do not need sunshine every day to be happy!