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Welcome to my Blog.
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas inside and out

 Wishing for a healthy new year filled with joy for all.

In the meantime all the Christmas decoration have been packed up and the house is back to normal, with one exception, the librarian. I named him Mr. Cornelius Abernathy. He is standing by the window in the Florida room and still makes me jump, especially in the evening by lamp light. He is 4'5" tall and can't be easily missed.

Christmas was very nice, but more quiet this year. Matt and Susie visited his parents in Texas this year. Susie came a few days after Christmas and stayed several days. Unfortunately she had a miserable cold which made the visit and the long trip home for her not the fun we had hoped for

I had seen him in a friend's store and thought he was really cute and there he was suddenly. Carina bought him, the most costly single decoration. He does have a small practical side, there are several little shelves on the inside behind the stack of books.
Last year I made a lot of cards and handmade presents. I have some new equipment for my card making hobby and also one of my presents was the newest version of Photoshop Elements and as soon as I'm over this nasty cold I will install and start working with it. My stuffed up head just does not function like normally so instead of getting frustrated, I rather wait.
My last card was for Susie and Matt with all our fur babies. Sadly the beautiful rust colored hound is no longer with us but we have lots and lots of photos to help cope with the loss.
Storm - Steimy - Nutmeg - Atlas and Humpty the cat.

My orange tree is completely misguided. First there was not enough water so they all turned mostly brown but at least they are not all dry inside. We had a cold snap and that made them a lot sweeter but then the tree got confused. After the cold snap it turned warm again and a lot of new blossoms appeared which then turned into tiny fruit and it kept going like that. We have some cold nights and then come warm days (70ºF - 78ºF) and there are more new blossoms. So now there are all stages of oranges.
If you look closely you can see the small oranges and a little to the right of the middle is one huge orange, about where the grass starts. Some of those large one weigh several ounces over a pound.

This is all for now.  Be well until the next time (hopefully before Easter).