Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
Please come right in and stay a bit.
Pookas are known to be mischievous spirits, but some of them are really quite nice.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

And the lessons continue...  one course after another and what joy that all the little grey cells seem to be functioning the way they should!
I want to note here that some of the original photos were not taken by me, they were attached to e-mails I received without their origins mentioned. I do not want to step on anybody's copy rights. It seems that it should be o.k. since I am not selling anything, just showing, although the work I do can be commissioned. So here are the latest Art Photos.

 This old Castle sits in the Austrian mountains.
The seagull, of course,was not part of the original. Part of the fun is blending in little surprises, like the ospray in the photo below.

No sailing into the sunset, instead drifting toward the full moon.

Sumter Landing looks a little different here, the huge moon was added to the sketch.

That will be all for today, off to have more fun with some old photos. Part of the fun is that a snap shot with parts not wanted or obscure can still be turned into a beautiful Art Photo. Keep your memories alive.

I framed some of these photos and that has to come to a stop because there is no more room on the walls; I'd have to add to the house, that means more to clean, less time to have fun.....ergo,
no more framing going on. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our fur babies


Time flies by and we sometimes forget that their life span is a lot shorter than ours.
When they have to leave us the pain is fierce and lasts for years and we miss them so badly.
They are never forgotten and remain in our hearts.

Friends lost their fur baby a few days ago and we know how much that hurts and how long it takes to stop expecting that special welcome you get when you come through the door even if you'v only been gone for a minute.

This beautiful pup was our loss a couple of years ago and we all still miss him a lot. Every one of our pets has something unique that cannot be replaced. Steimy taught Nutmeg and Atlas how to pee properly. Nutmeg still lifts her leg occasionally despite being a girl.

There just is nothing like the love you receive from a pet.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After a long break in posting anything I'm finally getting around to it. I took several courses in digital art, learning how to blend, make and use textures, make custom shadow and digital brushes. Much fun and still on-going. So far the little grey cells did not get a chance to dry up or shrink. 

 Little Atlas is always waiting at the window until his humans are at home. Then he turns into a ferocious guard dog and announces everything that moves out there.

Lots of texture layers have been added to this blossom with foot prints on the petals.
 The background on this is an Elephant Ear leaf with raindrops on it.

Amazing what one little spot of afternoon sun
can create.
I really liked this old weaving loom in someone's little chamber.I don't think I would enjoy finding my work right next to my bed. Somehow it gives me visions of working till you fall asleep. I love to weave but, unfortunately, I don't have a loom. That is just as well because over the years I have had too many hobbies which required a lot of tools and materials and there simply would not be any room for another hobby.