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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Kits : CourtneysDigiscraps-AlteredArt 1+2 - Hide and seek  @ Digital Design Den
A little less time past this time between posting. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of it. There is really not much to talk about, but, there are always some pictures to show. One of these days, maybe someone will even leave a message. If all my friends were youngsters it would be different I believe, but alas, they are not and everyone is used to all the new methods of communication. So, I'm pretty sure one of these days I will find some kind of a message.

Kits: Geld- Art Emporium and Heart Vintage Images - Stefairy-Burgandy Rain @ Digital Design Den
 Not everything this past week has been altered art.

I will be spending Easter with my children and won't have all my tools so I thought  I'll go ahead and post my Easter wishes early.
Kits: DesignedByEllie - Beauty in books- DesignsByBrigit - Hop and minikit by DesignsByMozz

Friday, March 23, 2012

Invitation to a game of hearts.
Sometimes one comes across something that inspires and that's what happened to me with this altered art kit. I'm having a great time with it.

Yesterday I received a photo of a friend's Corgi puppy. She just won her very first medal, a start in becoming a show dog champion.
She might achieve fame one day but right now she is a
happy pup who did not like the quacking coming from the little toy duck. She fixed it, ripped off the beak and tore
out the quack box.

Her expression looks like she learned it from the Cheshire
cat in Alice in Wonderland. I just love that fur face.
Brecon the beak breaker

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unbelievable how much time has gone by again. In the passed weeks spring has arrived and that means mowing again. I enjoy mowing but I really really hate weeding. I found out that here in Florida we not only have weeds 3 seasons each year, there actually is such nastiness as winter weeds. This year new ones popped up that I had never seen before and they were especially nasty, nettle-like. They fight back when you try to pull them out so you have to pack tools.
The temperatures are almost warm enough for summer but at least right now there is a nice breeze and mornings and evenings are just wonderful.
Kit: Creative Inspiration by: Courtney'sDigiScrapping and KellyJosScraps
Kit Altered Art 1 by: Courtney'sDigiScrapping and KellyJosScraps

Kit The road less traveled by: Sandra Collins and GreenEyedLadyDesigns

I so enjoy altered art layouts. You can just let your imagination go wild, especially when you have some wonderful kits to work with.
The little "dragon" is actually one of the thousands of little lizards zipping all over the place. Sometimes they even come inside if given the chance. I love to see the little babies, tinier than a match stick and already running and jumping. Most of them here are brown but we do have a few green ones.
I'm forever trying to rescue them on the lanai because my Nutmeg thinks if it moves she needs to hunt it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Today I encountered something new. I made a broom stand up without support. I'm sure there is a good scientific explanation for this but I don't know it. Supposedly it only worked today. So, I will be sure to go out tomorrow and give this another try.

Inside it worked really well and the broom just stood there. Outside was a little more difficult because we had another windy day and the broom kept falling. Finally the wind stopped for a moment and here is the broom.