Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
Please come right in and stay a bit.
Pookas are known to be mischievous spirits, but some of them are really quite nice.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

It seems that I'm getting slower and slower posting anything. Here it is almost the middle of March and Easter is on the way.
 Carina gave me 2 new Orchids. They are so lovely.
Orchids have more varieties than any other flower. So many different shapes and color variations.

One huge Orchid survived several nights of hard frost and the blossoms are still well and beautiful.

Springs seems to take a little longer to arrive this year. We've had some rather warm days, warm enough for summer clothes only to be followed by yet another cold front.
High winds most of the time and very, very dry conditions which always bring the danger of fires.

After I looked at the 3 photos of the single blossoms I discovered the face. 
It seems that Gremlins frolicked around in my blog. My last 2 entries have vanished. On the other hand we had St. Patrick's day last week and the Gremlins might be perfectly innocent this time.
I sits very still

Now there is a fierce guard puppy watching everything that might be going on here when I'm not looking.The Banana leaf seems to be a more alert watcher than the pup.

Shamrocks in a glass globe? It is such fun  to play around with
photos and PSE. There is always something new to learn
and try out and the best part, this hobby does not take as much space as some of my hobbies.
.Winter seems to be hanging on this year, even in Florida although we keep getting almost summer temps only to turn cold again. We keep switching from Heat to A/C one a week. At least we do not have to cope with snow. 

This is what spring is supposed to look like.
HA, no Gremlins, no teed off leprechaun, just me forgetting to click "publish". Sad! Really should do this more often.