Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
Please come right in and stay a bit.
Pookas are known to be mischievous spirits, but some of them are really quite nice.
May you encounter only pleasant moments while visiting here.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Not sure if this is a sign that I'm getting better at this or not. This time not months or even weeks passed by for a few words and another layout. My best guess would be that it is too darn hot to venture outside which gives me more time for inside activities.
Leaving a store by way of the back door I noticed this little wallflower (and a weed) growing from a tiny hole in the concrete. I could not discover any soil but obviously the little Vinca
found a way to reach it.

After my Crape Myrtle was cut way down earlier this year and there was nothing to see but some bare branches sticking up, it is now in full bloom.

There is an entire clan of Mourning doves living, nesting and multiplying in some of my plants. That was o.k. by me but then they decided that my porch was actually much more fun, so much shade, and they held their meetings all over the rockers, floor and whatever else could be used for perching.
Unfortunately they are quite messy and left poop all over everything. After washing the cushion covers and scrubbing everything else I really did not want them to move back. Not knowing what would discourage them I thought maybe something that not only moved, but also sparkled.
I glued 2 old CD's together so the shiny side faced out and then attached fishing line and hung them from the porch roof.
So far, so good, I noticed that even in the dark the showed up, reflecting the lamp when the light breeze kept moving them. So far no feathered guests, just hope remains a poop-free zone, LOL.

Monday, June 17, 2013

This is the first time one of my Caladiums outside bloomed.The new leaf behind it is still curled up.
These summer flowers were taken inside the Roman Colosseum.                                                                            
Larkspur is my favorite flower. It brings back some good childhood memories.

Foxglove and Larkspur make a beautiful combination.

Good grief, I still have not figured out how to get my photos closer together. With me it seems to be a hit and mostly miss exercise. One of these days some kind soul will sent me a tip, I hope. So used to work in PSE and it just does not work the same way here.
So I always try to fill the empty space in between by
babbling right along.
I just do not have a lot of interesting things to say and I darn sure do not want to bore the socks of my friends when they might take a peek at my blog.

It seems that time flies by and when I look at my blog I realize several months have sneaked by again there I had such plans not to let that happen.
I seem to be having fun most of the time or I would know when another month zipped by.
Hurricane season started and we have our daily thunderstorms again. There is always wind blowing the clouds away after a bit. That is a nice way to get the grass green and all the plants sprouting and blooming. I don't like it when the entire sky is one great grey cover, it is so much more interesting when there are all sorts of shades of grey.

I never tire of taking sky photos, clouds, sunsets and an occasional sunrise.

When you're a night owl it takes going on a trip for me to get out of bed with the sun.

There are a few moon photos but, unfortunately
my little camera is not so good with night and far away photography. That is o.k. though because it takes great daylight photos.
 Here we have some scary-looking clouds rolling in. Sometimes they do not bring a single drop of rain, the wind blows them right along and the rain hits somewhere else. Needless to say that mostly happens when we really could use a good downpour.

Then suddenly there are some blue patches to be seen and the dark clouds get a silver lining.

I love the clouds here, they sometimes are so low
that I feel if I could just jump high enough I could touch them and, of course, there are always so many things to be seen in the cloud formations.
Bears and dogs and elephants. Faces that seem to be full of character rather than young.

Saturday marked 7 years since I moved to Florida.
The neighborhood has change a lot since that day.
Now most of the trees are mature and there are lots of birds. I love hearing the Mockingbirds sing but I must say they really are a bit on the nasty side. Calling them territorial is a huge understatement. Not only do they chase other song birds away, I have watched them make a hawk go into overdrive to get away from them.
There comes revenge sometimes, twice in recent months there were feathers in the yard from someone's dinner and one time a hawk came diving down right into the tree and flew off with a small bird.
Now that is just more nature than I want to experience. Watching some bunnies frolicking on the lawns is much more to my liking. It seems like I have made up for missing a few months looking into my blog.
I hope my friends enjoy the photos, that's the reason I make and display them here.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer (which does not necessarily mean there won't be anything new until fall, LOL)