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Welcome to my Blog.
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Friday, August 31, 2012

When there are a bunch of new photos to play with it does not take very long for a new post.
These are still from our visit to Universal Studios. I think what I enjoyed most are all buildings and all the little alleys one can explore.

This shows the building where they had a performance on the porch. The "Blues Brothers"  appeared from several directions and proceeded to sing and play. When they were done they jumped into the old squad car and drove away.

I learned a couple of new techniques today and I had to try them out. The photos above show the result. The background was a photo of the concrete on some streets.

This explorer was up on some shelves in one of the stores. What an interesting collection of paraphernalia surrounded him.

I thought the lamps in Harry Potter's theme park were really neat. They really seem to have made sure that everything looked just like described in the books.
 Being in sub-tropical climate there were lots of beautiful plants and flowers to be seen.
 Sometimes it is wise to look where you place your feet, especially, when you are always on the look-out for some interesting textures.
I found some in the walk ways.

 It almost looks like a painting.
This photo not only shows the palm frond pattern but the shadows from the tree add an almost Bokeh pattern.

Next will be another trip to Virginia for a week and I will see what I can find there for my photo collection.

Until the next time, have good days and keep your eyes open for all the beautiful sights out there.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A visit to Harry Potter's World

Hogwarts Express

Time went flying by as usual and here it is just about September. August this year, as hot as always, had some
fun days this year. Susie came to visit and the 3 of us hopped in the car and drove to Universal Studios.
We finally got to see Harry Potter's world.
Just loved the town of Hogsmeade. The buildings are just wonderfully ancient looking and the chimneys bend in all directions. Inside the shops we found all the sweet treasures described in the books.

We were all set to took the simulated ride on the brooms but the waiting time was over 90 minutes and neither one of us could face standing in place that long in the  93ºF heat.
If we visit there again one day it will be during a time when the schools are not on vacation and some day in the middle of the week.                                              

The train made a lot of folks jump when they got and suddenly steam came puffing out.
The entire park was so packed, sometimes it was impossible to move. Amazingly nobody seemed      to  be impatient and very little shoving was going on. People having fun tend to be more tolerant it seems.  
We stopped at the "Tattoo Parlor" and each of us got a funny little frog tattoo. Mine stayed on my ankle for   close to 2 weeks, then the Henna faded  away.               
  There was this "fishy" little bird house in the.   
  It really begged me to have some fun with it,
  so I added a few things.                                                                                                                         

There are more pictures from the other park and sooner or later I will get around to posting some more. It always takes more time because I cannot just take photos as they are, I have, and I mean HAVE to fiddle with them first.