Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Had to add one more Steimy picture.
Time went flying by as usual. From Easter it seems we jumped straight to Memorial Day.

May was not a happy month for us. After a long and happy life of 19 years Matt's beautiful  pup Steimy was given freedom of pain and sickness. For me this furry family member always seemed like the most dignified being. I only knew him for about 7 years so I missed the playful time of his life, but there were always moments when the puppy seemed to make an appearance.
He is so greatly missed by family and many friends.

The wonderful friends that Matt and Susie have started a "Steimy Fund" and collected over $500 which is being donated to a local vet to provide free treatment for animals in need. Steimy  was the coolest furry friend.

This rose [was] called Josephs Coat but for me it is Steimy's Rose. A beautiful reminder of this pup.

 Now it is Memorial day and Susie and Matt drove to the Quantico National Cemetery to visit her dad's final resting place. This time there was an added visitor, Atlas.
Atlas is posing in all his patriotic splendor, but he is  not the usual happy puppy because he lost his Big Brother Steimy who taught him the ways of being an Alpha Dog. Size means nothing, it is all Attitude.

It is a gloomy day today, rain on and off, grey sky, but there is a little wind blowing that keeps all the small and large flags waving. There are a lot of flags here in The Villages.

At the rate I write here it might just be the 4th of July before there will be anything new. ;)