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Welcome to my Blog.
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our fur babies


Time flies by and we sometimes forget that their life span is a lot shorter than ours.
When they have to leave us the pain is fierce and lasts for years and we miss them so badly.
They are never forgotten and remain in our hearts.

Friends lost their fur baby a few days ago and we know how much that hurts and how long it takes to stop expecting that special welcome you get when you come through the door even if you'v only been gone for a minute.

This beautiful pup was our loss a couple of years ago and we all still miss him a lot. Every one of our pets has something unique that cannot be replaced. Steimy taught Nutmeg and Atlas how to pee properly. Nutmeg still lifts her leg occasionally despite being a girl.

There just is nothing like the love you receive from a pet.

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